From Los Angeles we find the awesome Love N Revenge who have a new 12-track CD out now called “Karma” which runs in at just under 50 minutes long and is the band’s debut album with a new sophmore release planned for February 2018.

Love N Revenge are: Damon Kelly- lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars. John Lisi – guitars, bass and Vic Rivera – drums, keys, bass, backing vocals. Joining the band live are: Mike Ledesma – lead vocals, Greg Polcari – guitars, backing vocals, Raven Blackwell – bass, backing vocals, Tommy John – drums, backing vocals and Johny Shandruk – FOH engineer, backing vocals

Music is always been in singer and guitarist Damon Kelly’s blood and it consumes every breath he takes from writing to recording to touring to all aspects of the business side. “It’s infectious. It’s everything who I am and what I do,” he smiles.


Kelly like most artists has a lot of inspirations and influences. “My musical journey has been a vision since I was 3 years old… Motley Crue essentially is the reason who I am today but my influences range from the entire era of melodic arena rock to Keith Urban to Rascal Flatts to Waylon Jennings to Kenny Rogers. True inspiration will always come from simply life experience which is either love or revenge. It’s all about hitting that nerve to help or heal someone around the world,” he tells me.

In his downtime away from music Damon loves to spend time at the lake fishing quading and camping. “Just being outside in nature and the quiet away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is always important to stay focused and regroup to always stay fresh and keep composure. My best songs are written in times like these,” he enthuses.

Love N Revenge is the resurrection of pure guitar-driven melodic arena rock emulating, inspired and influenced by the biggest and best era of rock on the planet. “Each and every song released must be all killer no filler and reach out to each and every one of our fans and listeners with a tear down their cheek or a shiver down their spine. Love N Revenge is about passion, heart and drive and feel good rock and roll. Studio albums are one thing but our live show is definitely second to none connecting to our audience in a way no others do. We are very passionate about what we do and always take time for our fans,” he champions.

Love N Revenge’s new album ‘KARMA’ charted at number 4 and number 3 for top seller on NEH Records earlier this year and keeps getting stronger with sales. "We are also recording the next album as we speak to be released Spring of 2018. We always want to stay on top of what we do and keep exceeding expectations as Kelly

Damon’s proud of the song writing this album and he always takes much pride and writing the best of the best and choosing songs to make the cut that will give the buyers and lovers of rock and roll the best possible album. “Every song is carefully written and disected, torn apart phrase by phrase, word by word, melody by melody and I am very proud of this album for the quality of each song. That’s my job as a songwriter to outdo myself. Wait til you hear the next album,” he enthuses.

The live shows are going excellent for the band and they just played a few major festivals and arenas with Vince Neil, Autograph, Bret Michaels, Dee Snider, Slaughter, Cinderella, Steel Panther, Firehouse, Warrant and Dokken to name a few. “It’s always inspiring to be out sharing the stage with the best. This truly is only the beginning of what we have in store including partnering up with my good friend Mike Van Velzen and Vanitee Clothing for our Love N Revenge official clothing line.” he advises.

The album was recorded in New York alongside Kelly’s very good friend Vic Rivera who produced the album. “Vic is one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever met in my life as far as an artist musician songwriter producer composer and just the nicest guy you could ever meet. It’s an absolute pleasure working with him and recording the new album with him as well. He is definitely a musical soulmate,” he smiles.

Love N Revenge will be always be releasing top quality albums with timeless music with the clothing line growing consistently and TV and film is underway with Love N Revenge. “It’s endless and we are definitely here to stay as a staple in our family of melodic arena rock,” concludes Damon.

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